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Ryan McLean composer

Known for: ThrillerS, DramaS, & SuspenSe

Broekn vessels poster_edited.jpg

Broken Vessels (2023)
Dir. ZiegElMEN

her time poster.jpg

Her Time (2023)
Dir. Lucy Dussauge


Memories (2023)
Dir. EDWIN Illoh

Storage Laurels.png

Storage (2022)
Dir. Colin Costello

In Peace Poster.heic

In Peace (2022)
Dir. Zahir Rashed


Suppression (2021)
Dir. Raphael Rogers

- species poster final.JPG

Species (2021)
Dir. Chris Buchel

What’s In The Woods Poster.jpeg

What's In The Woods? (2022)
Dir. Zahir Rashed

Moon Dogs.webp

Moon Dogs (2019)
Dir. Trevor Von Klueg

History Alive Poster.webp

History Aliive  (2018)
Dir. Darren ZanCan

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 11.29.27 PM.png

Diversion (2017)
Dir. Francesca Brill

Boxx (2016)
Dir. Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

A film by Vera Vaughn Poster

A Film by Vera Vaughn (2015)
Dir. Sorrel Brae

one more round poster

One More Round (2015)
Dir. Tommy Lee Thomas / Chip Rosseti

Running On Empty.jpg

Running On Empty (2015)
Dir. Marvin Neucklaus

two dollar bill documentary poster

The 2 Dollar Bill Documentary (2015)
Dir. John Bennardo


ARORA (2014)
Dir. Spencer McCall

Boner Movie Poster

Boner (2012)
Dir.. Emily Condit

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