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No music background necessary. A plus if you play an instrument or sing. 


Course Description

In this three part course you will first learn how to read, understand, and communicate the music language through the basics of Music Theory. Secondly you will learn how to create, mix, and produce music using Logic Pro or Garageband. Lastly you will learn the music business such as how to release and market your music, building contracts, and how to get more gigs, opportunities, and make money through your music. 



As a result of the course you will be able to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the basics of Music Theory

  • Be able to read music and pick up or learn instruments quickly

  • Communicate with musicians and industry professionals 

  • Know how to use music technology and be able to be a one man band 

  • Create, write, mix, and  produce, your own music

  • Understand the music business such as contracts, releasing music, and marketing your music

  • Know how to get more gigs and opportunities 



Laptop with Logic Pro or Garageband program. A laptop will be provided during  classes.




1 HOUR on Tuesdays or Saturdays 



In person One on One or ZOOM / SKYPE.

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